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More Than 30 Years of Experience in the Credit Repair Industry - Dynamic Credit Solutions

About the Company

With More Than 30 Years of Experience in the Credit Repair Industry

Dynamic Credit Solutions is under the umbrella of Dynamic Realty & Investments. We’re a team of highly motivated professionals that has extensive experience in all aspects of real estate sales and financing, including, but not limited to loans, as well as lines of credit for a residential/commercial client or a startup business.

We started doing credit repair for our clients who are unable to obtain a mortgage loan. Repairing credit was so time-consuming until we decided to form a dedicated team for credit repair. It was determined that many clients had inaccurate information in their files. In addition, we found out that it’s not just home buyers who needed our help.

At Dynamic Credit Solutions, we’re dedicated to repairing, improving, and boosting our clients’ credit scores for them to qualify for better home loans, lines of credit, credit cards, or whatever financial needs they may have.

Meet the Owner

Our founder, Helen L. Johnson, has been in the industry for more than 30 years. Being in the real estate field, she realized that before a client can purchase a house, he/she will need to have a good credit score. That was when Helen decided to create her business to help more people improve their credit scores.

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